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Satyam Health Care Providing all kind of Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturer.


Rediyzer Of Hyper Acidity.
Diaback Tablet Herbal Anti Diabetic Formula There are several herbs that are widely used in the ayurvedic treatment of diabetes. These herbs have blood sugar and cholesterol lowering properties and ha
A solution of Gastric Trouble
Rhumatto Tablet
Tulshin Tablet
Particular Remedy For Cough&Cold.
Herbal Liver Stimulant.
High Power Blood Purifire & Anti-Allergic
Free of pain from Piles Problem
Muslikalp Capsule
Unexplained infertility cases is being more often observed day by day due to imbalance in hormone secretion. Mery caps is specially meant to treat unexplained infertility which is a rich combination
Hair Care Product
Abha Guggulu
Yograj Guggal
Skin Diseases, Blood Purifier Etc.
Useful in Obesity, Piles, Fistula Etc.
Vatari Guggulu
Useful in Rhumatisam, Osteo Arthritis etc.
Laxadi Guggulu
Medohar Guggulu
Kanchanar Guggulu
Panchtikta Ghrut Guggulu
We have marked a distinct position in the market by offering a qualitative array of Arogyavardhini Rasvati. The offered range is processed by our professionals using high grade natural ingredients and
Chandraprabha vati
Chitrakadi Vati
Useful in anaemia, Menstrual probems Etc.
useful in anamia, worms, Hepatic Disorders, Oedema
Raj Pravartani Tablet
Shankha Vati
Ardushi Ghan Ghan Vati
useful hair toni & in liver & spleem disorders, Anaemia
Brahmi Ghan Tablet
Galo Ghan Tablet
Kutaj Ghan Tablet
Maha Sudarshan Ghan Vati
Neem Ghan Tablet
Nirgundi Ghan
Sarpgandha Ghan Tablet
Sarpgandha Ghan Tablet
Ashwagandha Churna
Arjunchhal Churna
Arendbhrust Harde Tab
Harde Churna is used for the maintenance of general health and vitality and supporting the regulation of the digestive system. This natural supplement along with others in the Hesh Health Care range i
Useful as tonic & Urinary Track Disorders etc.
Useful to cough, Asthma, Respiratory Disorders, Etc.
Swadisht Virechan Tab
Shatavari Churan Tab
Trikatu Churna
Triphla Churna
Ajmodadi churna
avipatikar churan
Hingvastak Churna
Panchshakar Churana
Swadisht Virechan Chu
Sitopladi Churna
Trikatu churna
Triphla Churna
Amla Churna
Arjunchhal Churna
Ardushi Churna
Baheda churna
Gokshura Ghan
Useful in worms, Dysentery, Bleeding Diarrhea etc.
Karela Churna
Useful in Diabetes, Bliid Puffer etc
Useful in Menstrual & Gynec Disorders
Useful in Acidity, Rasayan, Increases Lactation
useful in Constipation Mild Laxative etc.
Useful in Degestive etc.
Useful in Hoarseness of voice, Cough
Shallaki ( Boswellia Serrata )contains extract of salai guggal in standardized form which has powerful anti rheumatic action & anti inflammatory & Repair & Regenerate The Cartilage.
Quick Relief Rheumatic & Arthritis Pain Osteoarthritis, Fibrositis, Rheumatism, reduces joint pain and swelling, quickly reduces rigidity and inflammation of the joints All types of arthritis.
Herbal Liver Stimulant.
Natural Stone Crusher & Alkaliser.
Kaishor Gugglu
Keshwin Hair Oil
Dizex Syrup For Digestive
Renal Disorder & Alkaliser
Anti Rheumatic & Arthritis Formula.